Our technicians provide electrical testing, commissioning and trouble-shooting services to support the maintenance and operations during scheduled and unplanned electrical outages We understand that reliability of electrical services is imperative and that outage times must be short, therefore each technician is fully equipped to diagnose, test and repair most electrical apparatus. To meet the growing demands for faster turn around and increased up-time, M&S uses state of the cutting edge testing equipment, which is capable of producing preliminary test reports at the time of service. With this confirming documentation readily available, troubleshooting and repairs can be addressed faster and with better accuracy.


Acceptance Testing
Commissioning & Start-up Testing
Maintenance & Repair
Bus Inspection
Testing Cable Testing
Circuit Breaker Services
Current/Potential Transformer Services
Generator Testing
Grounding System Survey
HV, MV, and LV Switchgear Services
Hipot Testing
Infrared Testing
Insulating Oil Analysis
Motor Testing
Power Factor Testing
Power System Metering
Power Transformer Services
Protective Relay Calibration
SF6 Gas Analysis
Station Battery Services
24/7 Emergency Response

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