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Sr. P&C Field Technician

M&S Power Services, LLC is seeking qualified Sr. P&C Field Technicians to work throughout the state of Texas at multiple locations. Relocation may not be required depending upon the location. M&S Power Services is headquartered out of Spring Branch, Texas, just North of San Antonio.

Job Description:

Under minimal supervision, install, maintain, test, adjust, troubleshoot and repair relay and control equipment in electrical substations which includes, but is not limited to electromechanical, solid state and microprocessor protective relays, instrument transformers, current transformers, indicating and KWH/KW meters, recording instruments including sequential event recorders and digital fault recorders, controls to all substation equipment including breakers, transformers, regulators, capacitors, reactors and all associated equipment, and remote control equipment including various forms of SCADA. Comply with all company safety rules and procedures. Be responsible for tools, test equipment and vehicles. Must have advanced skills and the ability to work independently.

Required Qualifications:

Desired Qualifications:




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